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Post by Titan on Fri Feb 15, 2013 7:01 pm

Super Name: Titan

Alter Ego Name: Billy Johnson

Alignment: Hero

Starting City: New Carthage

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Physical Description: 5'8". spiky black hair, flat against his head, reaches his collar on the back and covers his ears on the sides, but stops just above his eyes. eyes are grey-green, and sit just above moderately pronounced cheekbones and a sharp nose. head is roughly diamond shaped. medium build, but very muscular. scars cover his body, and a few very faded ones line his cheeks. one red ring piercing left ear. when not in costume, Billy wears cargo pants, a charcoal shirt, and a long, baggy, mid-high-collared, dark brown coat that reaches his knees. two silvery bracelets, one on each arm. thick belt, large oval buckle.

Costume: Titan wears a banded metal chest-piece. it is silvery with a few black highlights. it ends at his shoulders with no shoulder guards or anything covering his arms. his face is covered by a small black face-mask. his cheeks and forehead are uncovered, it only really covers around his eyes and part of his nose. he still wears cargo pants in costume, and keeps the earring and belt as well. he wears low, stocky boots with studded soles. The most important part of Titan's costume is his gauntlets. following the same style of the chest-piece, the gauntlets are silvery with black highlights. each joint of the fingers extend out a bit, so that when he makes a fist they protrude out like spikes. the gauntlets continue up Titan's arm to his elbows, where they form spikes in a similar way to the fingers, but longer. the a pronounced ridge follows his ulna and joins with the spike on his elbow.

Biography: Billy never knew his father. he knew that his father left his mother with a toddler, nowhere to stay, and problems with the loan sharks. he learned this by listening to her talk with others when she thought he was too young to understand, but he sensed the importance of it and retained the information until he finally understood it. Billy was a very advanced child. He rapidly progressed through school, always head of his class. he was very brave, and stood up to bullies during recess. he never won at first, but he persisted, and he soon became very popular for winning fights.

his downfall was his pride. he was willing to do anything to prove he was better than anyone. this attitude injured him many times. when Billy was in 4th grade, his mother was finally tracked down by loan sharks, and killed. he returned to the apartment to find her face-down in a pool of blood, her arm contorted awkwardly behind her back.

He was devastated.

Billy's schoolwork started to slip, and he became a bully himself. not that he meant it to be mean, but his temper was now very short, and he was so morally confused that he would beat anyone who even slightly annoyed him. he joined a gang when he entered high school, the winged serpents. this is where he got most of his scars. he was treated horribly. the boss was cruel, and not afraid to murder anyone who disobeyed. Billy's brain came of use to him, he came up with new ways to smuggle things, and new tactics to maximize the gang's effectiveness. the boss took credit for all of it of course, threatening Billy so that he would keep quiet.

Billy was fed up with the criminal life by the time he graduated high school. when the boss killed Billy's best friend, Billy struck out in vengeance. after a long time plotting, he finally achieved his goal. he tricked the boss into using horrible tactics, and then killed him once he had lost everything. it was at that point that he became Titan. he vowed to fight crime on every level, and vowed to do what was right. he knew that sometimes he would have to move outside the law, but he would try his best to uphold it.

He invented his costume a year later. using his intelligence, and money he took from the boss when he killed him.


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