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Post by Manifest on Sun Feb 17, 2013 12:33 am

Super Name: Manifest

Alter Ego Name: Audrey Jona

Alignment: Hero

Starting City: New Carthage

Gender: Female

Age: 18

Physical Description: Audrey "Manifest" Jona is 5 foot 7 inches, fairly skinny with a little muscle in the bicep and abdomen areas. She has long black hair that goes down to her butt-ox with sun orange highlights throughout it. She has ice blue eyes and a small amount of freckles under her eyes. She has longer than average, not too long, but longer than average, clear fingernails. She wears a size 9 shoe, in womens, and she wears a "C" cup in bra's. She always has pearly white teeth and no acne.

When in normal clothes, she wears a black spaghetti top, a blue jean long-sleeve short jacket (Short = up to her breast), blue jean pants tucked into black commando boots that reach the bottom of her knees, and other orange accessories.

Costume: A full body suit that goes up to her neck. Covers her hands, feet, privates, and body. On the back-palms of the hands, knees, and shoulders, are sun orange half spheres. On the inside of the thighs, is sun orange coloring. On the inside-ish part of her stomach, directly underneath her breast, is a sun orange coloring. Directly on the mid-chest is another sun orange half spheres attached to two smaller sun orange half spheres, kind of like Braniacs symbol in the DC-Universe. There are also two, two foot blades on her back in a crossed formation, sort of like an "X".

Biography: When she first started 8th grade, she was nerdy and less pretty. She was always laughed at and made fun of. She always wanted the hurt to stop, so she finally did, over the summer. She got a make over, her hair was moisturized and curled, her close were thrown out and were replaced by cuter, nicer, more flattering, clothes. She got her glasses replaced with contacts and her acne cleared. She got her braces taken out and she finally looked, normal, if not, better than normal. So, when she got back to school, in the 9th grade, everyone finally accepted her and she became one of the popular girls. She also became cheer captain, captain of the math-eletes, and Co-Student Body President. Her looks never changed her smarts or niceness, but she's only friends with people at her caliber. Her father is an Elite Soldier in the Army, and her mother is a Lawyer and she used to be a Librarian. When Audrey was younger, her 3 year old younger sister died from a grave illness. Audrey felt, at that time, that her parents didn't want her because they didn't pay attention or care for her as much, when her sister was ill. Now, she has forgiven her parents and they all love each other.

On her way from school in her 10th year of school, an Anti Hero of the name Re-Create had been ill and was about to die. Audrey did her best in trying to revive him, but her help was futile. Seconds before his death, he said these words, "Because of your kindness and your heart, I feel that you shall inherit my strength and further this world into a better place; in whichever way you please...*Cough*Here...." and he began to glow and pass his strength onto her. She shed a couple of tears for the man as he passed. She decided to stand, but when she did; she launched into the air, flying in the wind. After figuring out what the man had told her; she tested her newly found strength in the air. She manifested many objects, made them bigger, smaller, and even more detailed. And every time, her hands glowed with sun orange light.

She was able to fly, create weapons, and shoot sun orange lasers from her eyes; she was ready to become a new hero; Manifest. Within days, she created her suit, which was based off of Re-Create's costume.

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Post by The Ninja on Sun Feb 17, 2013 4:43 pm

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