Titan's Powers

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Titan's Powers

Post by Titan on Sat Feb 16, 2013 12:35 pm

Power Name: Increased Strength (1 slot)
Category: Biological
Description: Pretty simple. Extreme strength within human limits. not enough to do anything crazy like smash walls or lob vehicles. only enough to be able to move quickly when heavily encumbered.
Limits: Titan is not a tank. he will still be hurt by things, they won't bounce off his muscles, and he won't be launching anything into orbit. honestly, he won't even be able to lift much. it mainly enhances his twitch muscles, so he can be fast.

Power Name: Enhanced Mental Speed (1 slot)
Category: Biological
Description: An overclock on the brain. makes Titan smarter (not Einstein, but smart enough to invent a few gadgets) (more gadgets coming in the future when more slots are available). also gives a slight boost to reflexes, but not an extreme boost to them. just enough to give him an edge in combat.
Limits: Titan will not be able to solve every mental challenge that comes his way. Titan is only slightly above the average Joe. he is not hyper-observant.

Power Name: Exo-skeletal armor. (3 slots)
Category: Technology
Description: Titan has armor on his torso, protecting his vital organs from most attacks. his gauntlets expand from his bracelets, and are also strong enough to stop most attacks. his gauntlets deal increased melee damage, and can be used at normal speed due to Titan's increased strength. the armor is self repairing to a point. both the suit and the gauntlets can be easily upgraded to add new features and be more powerful (with more slots of course). The suit can emit light from every surface. the light can vary in brightness, though nothing too blinding, its not the sun or anything. when the light it active, it makes a slight high pitched humming noise (which increases in volume and decreases in pitch as the light is brighter). otherwise, the suit adds no extra noise to movement.
Limits: The armor does not make Titan invincible. he is not completely covered, and extreme forces can break through. it must be manually repaired every so often, even though it can repair itself. This is because when it repairs itself it is basically patchwork and is weaker, and it can only repair itself so much. the suit adds no noise, but it does not make him stealthier. The gauntlets aid his melee, but they currently have no range, and currently make him slightly less dexterous.

Power Name: Dynamic Restructuring (2 slots)
Category: Technology
Description: Gauntlets and armor can reshape themselves in real time. allows gauntlets to be reshaped into various structures like a shield.
Limits: Does not generate infinite matter, can only stretch metal so thin... the larger the shape, the thinner and weaker the metal.

Power Name: Sonic Blast (2 slots)
Category: Technology
Description: A few rings of electromagnets fold out of the gauntlets. they rotate at high speeds, then emit a strong pulse of power. a shock-wave rolls away from the glove in the direction it was pointed in. this shock-wave is powerful enough to knock people off of their feet, and send them backwards a good distance. the strength of the blast is variable, so it can also scale back and become a constant pressure.
Limits: The gauntlets are not powerful enough to do things like flip cars and shatter walls. they are able to break most windows though. (use common sense though, a 5 foot think window will be immortal compared to this thing, but a wall a normal person could punch open is susceptible to damage from this ability). by itself, it does not currently stun anyone. however, also use common sense. if you are the type of character that is able to be knocked out, and your head hits something hard, then there might be a slight chance of that. the shock-wave is not instantly fire-able, but takes some time to spin up once opened. however, they can remain at top speed, allowing them to be fired repeatedly.

Also, I would like to edit the exo-skeletal armor ability. I want to add flashlights. :3
Really his armor emits the light, not lightbulbs. so it can shine in whatever direction. the downside is that it emits an audible humming, making it useless for any kind of stealth (even at low light levels). would this require another slot, or does the downside balance it enough? if it does need another slot, what downside could I add so it costs nothing to add?


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