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Post by Digibyte. EXE on Fri Feb 15, 2013 12:17 pm

Super Name: Digibyte.EXE

Alter Ego Name: Cleo Thomson

Alignment: Hero.

Starting City: New Carthage

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Physical Description: Cleo is a girl of average build and weight, and has a height of 5'5". Her skin is the tone of milk chocolate, which contrasts with her sandy colored hair. It's cut in an Egyptian style bob, with part of it pulled back. Her eyes are grey with brown near her pupils.

However, when she's in the Cyber dimension (more on that when I post her powers), Her appearance defaults to a girl that looks relatively the same, the only difference being her hair is much longer, coming down to her ankles. It starts purple at the top, then graduates to turquoise, and disperses into pixels at the bottom (I have a picture that I'll upload so you can better see what I mean.) Her eyes have changed to blue, and the pupils to white.

Costume: The basis of her costume is a black skintight jumpsuit. Over top of that she wears a thick white vest that has a ribbed texture (like corduroy, only much thicker), and a short collar. She also wears a pair of white shorts that has a royal blue belt and two arrows of the same color going down the front of each short leg. There are two silver disks mounted on either sides of her shorts, and a royal blue ribbon loops out from each.

Her silver gloves come up to her elbows and, like the sleeves of a Victorian-styled dress, a flexible glass called Willow Glass (I kid you not, this actually exists, but just how flexible it is I have no idea) balloons out from the glove's wrist, then melds with the end of the gloves. Her boots are much the same way, and they are low heels.

Her headset vaguely resembles a pair of headphones without the connecting band over the top of the head. A Willow Glass visor curves over her eyes, and a little mic is attached to the left part of the headphones.

Digibyte.EXE -- (reluctant) Hero MGalleryItem

Biography: Cleo lives with her mother in New Carthage, where they recently moved to after her father died in a car accident. Ever since she was young, Cleo loved messing with the computer, and using programs and playing games on it. She's an artist who went digital ever since she got the hang of using GIMP. She never knew that she would ever be able to actually go inside computers and other devices...

Before I say any more, I have to clarify something. Cleo has asthma, and because of this, she always have to carry a white breather in her bag.

Now a few months ago, Cleo went with her mother to the trading part of the city, hoping to get some new furniture at a good price. Cleo wandered a block away from where her mother was bargaining. It happened that a scientist named Dr. Fenworth was on his way to a special demonstration, where he would reveal an amazing new technology in the form of nanites. To avoid suspicion, he put on the guise of a business man and arrived at New Carthage by boat. The nanites were stored in a white breather, exactly like the one Cleo had. It happened that Cleo bumped into Dr. Fenworth, and both of their bags spilled on the ground. Both apologized to each other, and hurriedly picked their thinks up, and went their separate ways. However, neither knew that they each grabbed the wrong breather...

Back at home, when Cleo next used what she thought was her breather, instead of it making her lungs breath better, it seemed to constrict them. She felt like she was choking, and eventually blacked out from lack of air. Freaking out, her mother took her to the hospital. The doctors gave her a dose of the medicine Cleo should have gotten, and it helped revive her. But none of them knew what had caused her to black out.

Because Dr. Fenworth had Cleo's breather, the demonstration failed of course, and his potential benefactors were angry with him, and wouldn't accept an explanation as to the failure. Recalling the encounter with Cleo, Dr. Fensworth tracked her down. At first neither Cleo nor her mother believed him when he explained what happened. Then Dr. Fensworth asked Cleo if she had ever touched the screen of her computer of her computer since that blackout. When she had replied that she hadn't, Dr. Fensworth urged her to just try it. Hesitantly she did so, and soon she found herself inside the computer, in the Cyber dimension. Dr. Fensworth guided her as to how to come back out, and when she did, she found her clothes were partially burnt. That's when Dr. Fensworth explained that the nanites had the ability to convert her body to computer data, and transfer her into a computer or similar device. It didn't work as well with her clothes though...

Since by now the nanites had incorporated themselves into Cleo's DNA, it was impossible to remove them from her body. So Dr. Fenworth made an offer. Because Cleo and her mother would be in danger if any shady person found out about what happened, Dr. Fensworth would grant them protection on the condition that they'd keep in touch with him about Cleo's progress with her new powers, and any changes that occurred, if any. Cleo's mother agreed, though she was a bit worried about her daughter. Before he left, Dr. Fenworth had the costume made for Cleo, which wouldn't be destroyed like her normal clothes could when she traveled in and out of the Cyber dimension.
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