The power of Lumen

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The power of Lumen

Post by Lumen on Wed Mar 13, 2013 1:52 pm

Power type: High energy light beam
Category: technological/biological
Description: Lumen uses his right hand to channel the energy produced by his body into his hands. This is enough to blind others for a short time (1 minute of blindness for every ten seconds of direct exposure) and start small fires.
Weakness: only one minute of energy blast for every ten minutes of harvesting from his body

Power type: Shocking revelation
Category: technological/biological
Description: electrical shock, enough to stun people for one minute if touching directly. takes 15 minutes to fully charge, 7 minutes for half-charge. half charge only makes people dizzy with slowed movements if touching when shocked. If five feet away or closer then the full shock only dizzies the up to three targets
Weakness only up to three targets, only one target when touching, 15 minutes for full charge, 7 minutes for half charge. half charge has a minor effect on targets when not touching, but it is of no consequence.

Power type: Knife of Justice
Category: technological
Description: enhances range of shocking revelation to ten feet, but loses power, causing it to only dizzy the single target. If closer than five feet, the power is enough to stun the target for thirty seconds. also a knife so its a knife.

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