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Post by The Ninja on Thu Feb 14, 2013 12:34 pm

Power Name: Martial Arts Mastery (1 Slot)
Catagory: Biological
Description: A master-level grasp of Karate, Taekwondo, and Ninjutsu.
Limits: This does not grant his body super toughness. His body is still flesh and bone and if he tries to punch a titanium wall he will get hurt.

Power Name: Parkour Mastery (1 Slot)
Catagory: Biological
Description: A master-level grasp of parkour.
Limits: This does not grant him super speed or reflexes but simply allows him to use the training he went through to become The Ninja.

Power Name: Genjutsu (3 Slots)
Catagory: Supernatural
Description: The Ninja can create almost-invisible appendages emanating from his body out of psychic energy. The arms are capable of great strength and can be used as shields or as weapons.
Limits: The arms require concentration to maintain. They are not much use as ranged weapons because of their short range and they are not completely invisible. At this level they can only be formed into hands or tentacles, can only reach five feet, and he can only create four at a time.

Power Name: Enhanced Muscular Structure (2 Slots)
Catagory: Biological
Description: Due to years of intense martial arts training The Ninja is capable of incredible physical feats. He can lift up to 1000 lb. This also gives him a certain degree of toughness so he can brush off blows more easily than an average human and sustain greater injuries.
Limits: The Ninja is not The Hulk. He can certainly still be injured and is not able to wield a truck as a weapon. He is considerably more powerful than almost any human, but against a super bulky villain he would do well to stay out of the way.

Power Name: Psychic Weaponry (3 Slots)
Catagory: Supernatural
Description: The Ninja can conjure weapons from his mind. They take the appearance of clear green crystal. He usually makes claws for melee combat or shuriken for ranged combat which can be guided with his mind.
Limits: If The Ninja is stressed or confused the weapons will be far less solid to the point where they are useless as weapons. While the shuriken can be guided mentally, this requires much concentration. No more than four shuriken and claws can be conjured at once.
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