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Post by Romany on Tue Mar 12, 2013 5:58 pm

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Power Name: Martial Arts
Category: Biological
Description: Romany uses the Martial Arts she was taught as a kid, skillfully, in combat. It involves kicks, punches, chokes, and many other fighting moves and holds. She has always been a skilled fighter, she was the only one of her family taught to use Martial Arts in combat. (Toos simple for 100 words)
Limits: These Martial Arts won't be able to touch phaseable organisms and things, like ghosts and people with powers like that. This will also not really harm super-bulky and/or metalic things, like a man with heavy metal armor/suit.

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Power Name: Wing Pack
Category: Technology
Description: She uses the, what looks like, bat winged jet pack (Wing Pack) that is attached to her back. She uses it to fly, glide, and burn people with the jet fire. (TOO simple for 100 words.)
Limits: Like said in the desciption, she can only glide, fly, and burn people and/or things with the jet fire. She can't hit people with it, nor break it to create smaller weapons.

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Power Name: Golden Metalic Pistol
Category: Technology
Description: The pistol seen in the image on Romany's character app. This pistol can also be filled with poison bullets (Ammo). (TOO simple for 100 words)
Limits: Can't shoot though thick walls and it rarely runs out of bullets. Is blockable and deflect able.

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Power Name: Shocker Glove
Category: Technology
Description: A black glove, similar to Iron Man's, including the ray circle, except made of leather. The finger-tips are a golden color like Romany's pistol. This is used to shock things, destroy mechanical things, and knock people out.
Limits: Cannot shoot blasts from it. Cannot surge through the ground.

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Power Name: Seduction
Category: Biological
Description: She has an extremely good sex appeal, which she uses to her advantage to get things she wants, manipulate, seduce, and trick.
Limits: This effect cannot destroy anything, nor control people's minds.


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Romany's Gadgets & Powers Empty Re: Romany's Gadgets & Powers

Post by The Ninja on Wed Mar 13, 2013 12:47 pm

Martial Arts, Golden Metallic Pistol, and Seduction approved at one point each.

Wing Pack approved at two points.

I need more info and details on Shocker Glove.

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