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Cluney's Powers

Post by Cluney on Wed Feb 20, 2013 10:47 am

Power Name: Theatrics
Category: Biological
Description: Cluney has a natural talent for acting, which he has developed more and more over time. Within a few short hours he can generally imitate a person's posture, movement, tone, and usually voice to a frightening degree
Limits: It's not a perfect talent. If Cluney is caught off guard he may well shift into his own posture and voice. When in his typical form his voices tend to be a titch on the gravely side and over the phone one would probably suspect their friend had a cold. He usually prefers a week of observation, followed by a week of “getting into character” before taking someone's place for more than a few short hours.

Power Name: Shapeshifting
Category: Biological.
Description: Shape shifting is more or less what it sounds like, the ability to change one's form. Cluney is able to take on the form of any living creature. This is due to a mutation that enables him to move and reshape his DNA at the chromatic level. He is able to duplicate the appearance of any person he comes across after a few hours, as well as reshape himself into any animal. The process takes time, but once he knows a shape, he can slip into it easily. He has practiced a few shapes to use at quick disposal. A young girl, a teenage boy, a man, a dog (mutt with quite a bit of great dane mixed in), a common rat, a cat, a jackdaw (his personal favorite), a lynx, and a python. These he can change into in a matter of seconds. Watching him change would probably make you ill as involves a lot of stretching and popping, so those with weak stomachs should probably turn their heads.
Limits: As mentioned before, the process takes time. Turning into another human for the first time can take up to an hour, and turning into an animal he is unfamiliar with isn't much better. Also, while he can duplicate finger prints well enough for low level locks, high level locks give him problems, and he cannot duplicate well enough to pass a retinal scan. Taking on someone elses form does not automatically give him their personality, or knowledge, and catching him off guard could reveal that all is not right. Taking on someone elses appearance does give Cluney access to any of their genetic powers, but he has to take the time to learn how to use them, just as the individual had to, so taking on the appearance of another superhuman is tricky business. Finally, Cluney's clothing does not shift with him. This is why he does not keep a lion or elephant in his arsenal as he would hate to destroy his clothing, and he is enough of a gentleman that he would be forced to return home straight afterwords. (He does keep some extra suits in his hotel room, just in case)

Power Name: Cane Fighter
Category: Biological (though I guess it could be technology ~shrug~)
Description: As much as Cluney loves theatrics, not all situations call for a dramatic entrance. In simpler situations such as being mugged or attacked by low level thugs, Cluney simply uses his cane to show no account imbeciles who is boss. We're not talking Cranky Kong just whackin' you on the head either. He has trained himself well in the art, and is still healthy enough to out maneuver most people, and believe you me, that brass knob will leave a mark!
Limits: This is a normal Joe form of martial arts. Cluney can become fatigued after a while, and unless he picks up a metal bar instead of using his cane he will probably only be able to fend off someone with a good blade for a short period of time. He'll also have more trouble using the art with anything longer than his cane.

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