NC Police 3rd Precinct

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NC Police 3rd Precinct

Post by Argent on Sun Feb 17, 2013 9:33 pm

Just North of the Midtown shopping district stands New Carthage's 3rd Precinct. A bland little grey building standing at three stories, resting between to massive Apartment complexes with barely enough space for the spidery black fire escapes in the Alleys. A wide stoop of poorly leveled concrete stands before a pair of glass doors whose panes are sealed in place by a quick duct tape job. Above the doors several weathered letters hang spelling out

Argent parked his squad car out in front of the decrepited building and lead a Perk in an outrageous outfit and cuffs up the stoop before banging on the front door. He waited a few moments before a doughy looking patrolman pushed open the door from the inside letting in the sour officer. Argent lead his man to the front counter and tossed him off to some lounging officers and sneered "Take this cape to the holding cells" the other officer jumped up immediately and lead away the the strangely dressed man.

Argent walked over to the corner and filled up a cup of bitter joe in a mug before the Chief came out of his office and called him over. "Lieutenant, I got a job for you" shouted the portly man. Alex took a sip of his coffee before spitting it back in the mug and pouring the liquid down the sink. He then promptly followed the Chief into his Office to see what was up.

"Take a look at this security tape" barked the Chief who promptly hit play as the Lieutenant entered the room, Alex leaned against the desk watching the scene unfold, it seemed like a typical robbery at a cafe before something caught his eye. He spotted a man in a strange suit of silver armor with a Dark mask leap up on the counter and attacking the thieves, Alex continued to watch with interest as another man entered the room in a top and began to assist in the clean up of the robbers. The tape ended with a third figure entering the room as a sudden shade of darkness struck the camera.

"Looks like a couple of supers flew under your radar" the Chief laughed. Alex began to scowl "When did this happen?" "A few hours ago" replied the Chief "We recovered this tape as we were arresting the robbers." Alex got up off the desk and started to head towards the Door "Was it the Black Bean again?" he asked. "Spot on kid" quipped the Chief you should head down there and talk to my guys on the scene and track down these guys."

Alex exited the Precinct and got back into his car and started the ignition, "Well at least I can get a good cup of coffee while I'm there." muttered the disgruntled officer.

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