New charachter

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New charachter

Post by The Alchemist on Sun Feb 24, 2013 10:25 pm

Super Name: The Alchemist

Alter Ego Name: Michael Fust

Alignment: Rogue

Starting City: Grimm City

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Physical Description: 6'0", Jet black hair, tanned skin, white eyes. Has tattoo of a dragon running around his left arm and shoulder. Muscular build.

Costume: Black skin-tight shirt, pure white combat gi top. Black pants. White heavy boots.

Biography: Michael was born in the country. Almost immediately, he showed signs of a keen, strong mind and amazing understanding of the physical universe. After he turned three years old, his parents traveled to a monk temple and left Michael there to train. After twelve years of learning Shaolin kung fu, gymnastics, and jukado, he was tested by the masters of the temple. Passing the tests given to him, Michale graduated from the martial art schools.

Michael traveled many miles to find his parents, only to discover them assassinated by gangs of the area. Promising to avenge them, Michael returned to training, this time to train by himself. While at the temple, he had discovered that by using will power and touch alone, he could decompose matter into basic elements, and recompose them into any form he wished. Michael spent five fears in solitude, refining his skills.

Eventually, Michael could transmute any object in an instant. Applying his new found power, he journeyed into a nearby city, hunting the gangs responsible for the murder of his parents. After spending several days locating them, Michael arrived at the arena designed for gang disputes. The gangs all ignored traditions, swarming him. After defeating the gangs by transmuting a suite of armor from granite and concrete, Michael turned to ridding the city of all conflict- be it police or gang activity. Police and official forces declared Michael The Alchemist, hunting him and trying to put him behind bars. Fleeing the city after great turmoil, The Alchemist began journeying afar, seeking to stop quarrels before they became violent- often by eliminating both sides in the process.

The Alchemist

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Re: New charachter

Post by Argent on Mon Feb 25, 2013 12:04 am

Background is good, but you should be a little more specific with your Costume get creative

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