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Dr Nameless Powers

Post by Dr. Nameless on Mon Feb 18, 2013 4:20 pm

Power Name: Intelligence (1 Slot)
Category: Mental
Basically, he's smart enough to create a death ray, or some complicated machinery to take over the world, but he's clumsy and stupid enough for half of his ideas not to work so, most of the time his intelligence is nullified by his stupidity XD

Power Name: This Thingiemabob (3 slots)
(name courtesy of Dr. N himself)
Category: Weaponry
This was merely a survival kit, so do speak, for Dr Nameless to survive the grim slums of Grimm City. He created it from scratch, not giving much thought as to how he would use it for world domination or something. It's one of the few weapons that actually work, and one he uses frequently for daily life.
It's shaped like a laser-pistol-phaser thing, with two settings.
First Setting: Knock-Back.
It's just an alternative to the laser beam, in a non kill mode.
Sort of like Star Trek where they have the killing phasers and the stun phasers. Since binding powers cost more I would limit it to just shoving someone back, pretty much like the impact of a laserbeam, without the damage.

Second Setting: Laser Beam. Typical laser offensive beam. Not super powerful, but enough to dent certain metals. it's quick firepower makes up for it.

(And he also creates other weapons but all of them fail and are dysfunctional so they wouldn't count really.)

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