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Post by Cluney on Sun Feb 17, 2013 6:09 pm

Super Name: Super name? *sniff* What a ridiculous concept. His name is Cluney O'Shaughnessey, and if he doesn't want you to know it, he simply won't tell you.

Alter Ego Name: Whatever persona he needs to portray for his... business endeavors

Alignment: Rogue, though he'd be highly offended if you called him that. He prefers the term... entrepreneur

Starting City: New Carthage

Gender: Male

Age: Mid 80's? He doesn't look near that old, but he doesn't really keep track anymore.

Physical Description: In his usual persona, Cluney is about 5'10, so not overly tall, but he is long limbed. He appears to be a bit wiry at first glance, mostly because of the way he stoops over his cane, but he is surprisingly spry for someone who looks to be in his late 60's. His hair has all grayed, and is starting to thin, though it used to be straight black in his younger days. It hangs over his brow like an untamed mop, but he refuses to hat it, feeling it would somehow diminish his sense of class. His eyes are a pale, grayish blue and sparkle when he is amused. His face has aged into a rather noncommittal blend of grins and scowls so that his usual temperament is not easily guessed at first glance.

Costume: In his usual persona, Cluney wears a dress suit with a black jacket, a white, high collared shirt, a black ascot, and a red vest. He keeps a red silk handkerchief lined with a simple embroidery in his jacket’s left breast pocket and a golden pocket watch in tucked into the right pocket. He wears black dress slacks and black patent leather shoes that he keeps to a perfect shine. He carries a somewhat weighted wooden cane which is polished with black varnish and is topped by a shiny brass knob. He takes it wherever he goes, unless an adopted persona necessitates otherwise.

Biography: Cluney O'Shaughnessey always liked to imitate what he saw, from small animals, to friends, to even his teachers. It was at age 12 that he discovered the truth. Cluney O'Shaughnessey was a shapeshifter! His mother, Eleanor was shocked and, unable to deal with the knowledge, left the family; something Cluney has never forgiven her for. Donnel O'Shaughnessey, a con man, considered his son's talent an asset began to take the young Cluney to work with him. He taught Cluney one very important thing during that time. “Ya look out for yourself kid. No one's gonna have your back, so you'd best watch it yourself!”

Generally disliked by peers, in High School Cluney finally found a home in theater, an activity for which he had natural talent. He later moved on to a very lucrative arts school by using money he managed to con out of others. It was there he encountered an English professor who impressed on him a deep sense of class, from which he has never strayed. He graduated the arts school with a degree in theater performance and began a long trek down the road to his true dream. Espionage and infiltration.

Alright, so it's a child's sort of dream, but he was, and is good at it. Using his talents he is able to go into places, virtually undetectable. He then finds what information he can, and sells to the highest bidder. He sneaks all sorts of information, from secret recipes to government intel. All for a price of course. A gentleman must be paid his due after all. He doesn't come cheap either. If you want information, you'll have to pay a pretty penny for the infiltration alone, and then hope your rival will not outbid you in the end. Two things can be said for Cluney. He will never go back on his word, and he will always, always find a loophole.

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Post by The Ninja on Sun Feb 17, 2013 7:03 pm

Approved. Welcome to New Carthage Razz
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