Lord Machina's Powers

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Lord Machina's Powers

Post by ~Lord Machina~ on Sun Feb 17, 2013 5:32 pm

Power Name: Vast Intellect (2 Slots)
Category: Biological
Description: Lord Machina knows almost everything on the internet a few years old. he is a bit hyper-observant, he can see things that most can't, and he can perceive little details and flaws that are humanly impossible to notice. his reflexes border on precognition. he is a genius.
Limits: Lord Machina does not know everything. he knows everything on the internet five years ago. anything recent he has to figure out like everybody else. he is not all seeing. he notices little details, but he doesn't see all around him, everything at once. he will notice small details in smell, taste, and hearing as well, but he cannot hear, smell, or taste better than a normal human. he has insane reflexes, but they are not perfect. he can't see the future with them, so he still needs to react with his body even if his mind knows what is going on.

Power Name: Mind over matter (3 slots)
Category: Biological/Technology
Description: Lord Machina can move things with his mind. Metal is easiest for him, processed things and rock like substances are next, organic matter is extremely hard, and chunks of earth are near impossible. the strength of his power is determined by how focused he is, how far away the object is, as well as exponentially decreasing as he adds more objects at once. Machina's specialty is machinery, which is where he gets his name. due to his vast knowledge of machines and physics, Machina can easily manipulate machinery to his will. he can quickly manipulate common things that have been around for years. newer machinery that uses new concept might take him a short while of experimenting or a slightly longer time "scanning" it with his hyper-observance. beside manipulating machinery, Machina can simply hurl things if he wishes.
Limits: Machina is not all powerful. he cannot (for the moment) throw buildings or pick up as many things as he wants. also, his power becomes more limited the less focused he is. he cannot do what he wants with it, because different things are easier to grip. he cannot instantly control things he has not seen before. and only metal can be manipulated without a line of sight.
~Lord Machina~
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