Blade Wing's Powers

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Blade Wing's Powers

Post by Blade Wing on Sun Feb 17, 2013 3:56 pm

Power Name: Bladed Wings (3 slots)
Catagory: Biological
Description: Noire's bladed wings are bio engineered to be hard enough to use as weapons and a shield, yet flexible and light enough to fly. She is able to cut through anything short of steel with ease, and used as a shield, can deter most bullet shots. Due to being semi-organic, they can self heal.
Limits: Because her wings are semi-organic, she will feel pain if they are dented or twisted in any way, and they take time to heal up. (like the same time as a bird's wings have to heal). Her wings are also highly attracted to electricity. And because her wingspan is so big, she has trouble navigating tight spaces whether she's on the ground or in the air.

Power Name: Metal whip tail. (2 slots)
Catagory: Biological
Description: Like her wings, her tail is semi-organic linked metal. It gives her balance when in the air, and can be used to hold things, as long as it doesn't need fingers to be held. She can also use it as a whip. They can also self heal.
Limits: Like her wings, Noire will feel pain if her tail is dented or twists, and takes time to heal.

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