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Post by Argent on Sat Feb 16, 2013 5:39 pm

Power Name:Peacekeeper & Side Arm (2 Slots)
Category: Technology
Description: As a BULLET operative Argent as great skill with all firearms though he specializes in the use of Assault Weapons, His main weapon the Peacekeeper is a modified Assault Rifle with and expanded magazine and improved specs in accuracy, stability and speed, for the purpose of maintaining the Peace in New Carthage against the influx of Supers. He also carries a simple Pistol side arm in case the Peacekeeper jams, runs out of Ammunition, is lost or destroyed in the line of Duty.
Limits: Like all Guns they are useless to Argent should he not have access to them or they run out of Ammunition which even with an Expanded Magazine isn't enough to take down the strongest Supers. The Assault Rifle is also useless in close range and has trouble when facing off against a foe with Bullet proof shielding which the Pistol is all but useless against though it does have to advantage of its size allowing it to be used in Melee

Power Name: Close Quarters Combat (1 Slot)
Category: Biological
Description: As a Special Forces officer Lt. Alex Troy is trains each day to keep his body in peak condition in case he is forced into Melee. CQC is a specialized form of short range combat focused on quickly taking control of combat with one's body and personal weapons such as Smoke-Grenades, Knives and Handguns*.
Limits: Like all Martial-Arts CQC is limited by what Alexander can actually perform which is bounded by his physical limits. This form of Combat is also greatly limited by Range, if the Lieutenant can't reach his foe then this skill is useless to him

*At this time Argent only has a Handgun for use in CQC

Power Name: SB-00 Body Armor (2 Slots)
Category: Technology
Description: A Chest plate, Boots and Gauntlets all painted white of Dark Blue SWAT Gear, Anointed with the PD's Symbol on the Chest. This Armor set is designed to protect the Human body and to keep them Comfortable in Low Temperatures. The Chest Plate is built out of a Hard alloy making it Bullet proof preventing any strikes to the Chest from incapacitating the wearer or taking them down in the Line of Duty. The Armor is also very light allowing for accurate movements and the user to remain Agile while wearing the Armor.

The Visor that Argent wears over his face has three basic features. First is an Accuracy Assistant which aims at opponent's vitals to take them down quicker. The Second is the Visor display in infrared allowing Argent to see his enemy's body heat if they are within line of sight and the Third feature is implanted radio set to call for back up.

Limits: Though it is a state of the Art set of Body Armor, the SB-00 still has several drawbacks, the Bullet proof Chest plate is strong enough to prevent bullets from piercing it but should a person have Super strength of some kind they could easily puncture the armor with a well placed punch or kick, it is also susceptible to electric shocks because of the metals that make it up. The Gear underneath the suit is also made of flammable materials so flames could prevent Argent from continuing his mission.

The Field Visor though a great aid on the Streets offers several drawbacks to its Design. As a Head Mounted Display computer the Visor can short circuit if overcharged, The Aim Assistant and Infrared vision are limited to a 30 meter engagement range in an open area in an Urban environment like New Carthage this is flaw is exaggerated because of buildings, alleyways, vehicles and other obstructions which block the Aim Assistant from locking on to its targets and the Infrared's inability to recognize Human heat when its hidden behind an obstacle.

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