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Post by ~Lord Machina~ on Sat Feb 16, 2013 3:00 pm

Super Name: Lord Machina (pronounced mah-kin-ah) (Machina for short, but only those closest to him use this nickname)

Alter Ego Name: none

Alignment: Rogue

Starting City: Silent Falls

Gender: Male

Age: 55

Physical Description: Lord Machina may not be the spry young thing he used to be, but he aged well. his hair is white and short, and no signs of baldness show. his face is almost square due to a very pronounced jaw, high brow, and flat ears. his eyes are an extremely dark shade of brown, nearly black. his nose is flat and square, with a kink from being broken multiple times. he is very well built, and tall. he has never been officially measured, but he rivals most brutes. his skin isn't pale, but he is far from a tan.

Costume: Lord Machina wears bulky black armor covering all of him but his head. the armor is flimsy and mostly for show. the arms follow the curves of his muscles, same with the legs. the edges of each plate are ridged with a slightly green copper color. a flowing black cape with a complex circular design trails from his shoulders, and follows behind him. the design is too complex for the average person to take in all at once. only a great mind or one fueled by the kind of silent hate that empowers some can perceive it. it can be noticed, in parts. the vague shape can be seen, it looks like a series of gears and machine parts, interlocked and (ingeniously, through a trick of the eye) they suggest that they are moving. the design has elements of fractals, and seemingly random symbols throughout. no one knows what it could be. Lord Machina wears a crown on his head. the crown is the same coppery color as the trim on his armor, with black ridges tracing designs across it. Lord Machina wears no mask.

(Stuff about the character that the character doesn't know)
Lord Machina was a military man, it was his life's goal growing up. he wanted to be like his father. he rose quickly through the ranks at a young age. it was not long, however, before his glory began to fade. he took a bullet in his knee, and never was the same again. his dreams of being a military man for life were slipping through his fingers. and so, he volunteered for what he thought would be the only way to succeed.

he would be a test subject. he would try new gear, new medicine, and go through mental and physical tests. eventually, he even tried experimental medical procedures and classified things of that nature. Machina kept his body in shape, and he showed almost no sign of age but his hair until his 50th birthday. but wasn't long after that until the accident.

during an experiment on the capabilities of the human mind, there was a three part freak event. there was a power outage, and another experiment caused the backup power to fail. this left Machina's mind in an in-between state. in-between the forcing his brain to its limits and an attempt at transmitting data straight to the memory center of his brain. his body began to shutdown, and his mind tried to reboot. this added a third action to his brain, his mind was between three states. the third part of the freak event was a powerful lightning strike on the computer mainframe, which was unprotected while men frantically tried to repair the damage to the backup power.

the result brought about Lord Machina.

(Stuff the character does know.)

all of the data in the computers was washed into his mind. his mind, still trying to reboot, lost everything it once had. he has no memory before the accident. his brain was seared into its state of power, and he woke as a newborn.

thinking that it was the military that caused him this pain, Machina struck out at them with his new power. he broke free.

for years, Machina has been hiding, preparing, practicing. now, he is a force to be reckoned with. he looks out for only himself, but he has a distaste for government, and a strong taste for chaos. Lord Machina's goal is to lead the people in a global revolt, and institute anarchy.
~Lord Machina~
~Lord Machina~

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Lord Machina (#Rogue) Empty Re: Lord Machina (#Rogue)

Post by The Ninja on Sat Feb 16, 2013 5:16 pm

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