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Asch's powers

Post by Asch on Sat Feb 16, 2013 1:12 pm

Power Name: Hand-to-hand combat (1 slot)
Category: Biological
Description: Asch knows just the right point to hit you with her fists to knock you unconscious. A martial art she learned in practice for Gun Kata (will get later), Asch's hand-to-hand combat is a mix between Japanese and self-defense fighting styles.
Limits: Being a girl, Asch is not nearly as strong as some people she could end up going against, and it just being her fists there would be a strong disadvantage for her if she was to come up against someone with weapons.

Power Name: Sensitive hearing (1 slot)
Category: biological
Description: Because Asch's partial blindness, she has focuses on being more attentive towards what her ears will "see". Smaller sounds are easier for her to pick up, and you better not try whispering around her 'cause she'll hear you.
Limits: It's not like she can hear halfway across the city... or even throughout the entire perimeter of a building, mostly just what is spoken from the room over or within the room or immediate area.

Power Name: Gun Kata (2 slots)
Category: Technology
The focus of gun kata is both style and the usage of firearms in ways that they were not designed to be used.
Shooting a gun from each hand, shots from behind the back, as well as the use of guns as melee weapons are all common

Gun Kata is a form of martial arts that focus on rote memorization of probabilities, instead of feats of pure reflex. Through repeated simulations and practice, practitioners are able to fire at their attacker's position, while moving out of their attacker's most likely return fire trajectory and essentially dispatching their enemy while dodging their enemies' bullets.
Sometimes those who use Gun Kata also have special devices mounted into His/her sleeves/wrists that feed magazines smoothly into His/her weapon, but the Gun Kata itself provides them with optimum firing angles as well as defensive postures and movements

Limits: Because of Asch's partial blindness, it limits her sight-wise. Guns have limited ammo. She'd be unable to block very well, and going up against swords or magic-like powers in close-combat would put her at the disadvantage because of a gun's very limited blocking.

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