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Post by The Ninja on Thu Feb 14, 2013 11:23 am

Super Name: The Ninja

Alter Ego Name: Kyle Kaplan

Alignment: Antihero

Starting City: Silent Falls.

Gender: Male

Age: 26

Physical Description: The Ninja is 5' 9" with a somewhat muscular (yet not bulky) build. Kyle has short white hair and blue eyes though these are hidden behind his mask.

Costume: The Ninja's suit consists of a skintight black costume covering every inch of his body made of a new flexible carbon fiber. On his chest is a grey four-pointed shuriken logo. Around his waist is a utility belt with four pouches which he uses to hold several tools. His gloves and boots (the boots being the tabi style traditionally worn by ninja) have a tough layer of slightly darker black rubber over the soles of the feet and the palms of the hands. His skintight head cover has two small holes to see through but he uses psychic energy to make it appear as if a green glow is emanating from the eyes when it is being looked at. (It doesn't actually give off light)

Biography: As a teenager Kyle used to be a martial artist with a strong tournament career. He would travel the country with his skills, often bagging several first place trophies a month. One day Kyle received an invitation to an international martial arts tournament held in Osaka, Japan, and eagerly accepted. Over the span of the ten days the tournament was held, Kyle did very well. He breezed through the first few rounds and soon entered the semi-finals. After a hard struggle, Kyle advanced to the finals. He ended up facing the previous champion of the tournament, and though Kyle put up a good fight he was easily defeated and knocked unconscious by his opponent. The tournament staff soon grew alarmed as they realized Kyle was not waking up: He had fallen into a coma from the heavy blow to his head.

Frantically the tournament staff called up several doctors but none of them could wake Kyle up. Finally an old man who had attended the tournament, impressed by the fight Kyle had put up when he could have simply given up and accepted the second place award, woke Kyle up with a psionic touch. As Kyle recovered the old man told him about how the old way of Ninjutsu still survived, and asked Kyle if he would be willing to learn it. Kyle thanked the man for his help but left without accepting the offer but before he could return to the USA he witnessed a brutal crime he was unable to stop with his skill level and poor state of health. Kyle returned to the man and accepted the offer of training, and spent the next several years learning the way of Ninjutsu. Before returning to the States he hunted down the criminals he had seen before and slaughtered them all.

Now Kyle stalks his home in Silent Falls, avenging the innocent and ridding the streets of criminal filth. He travels around a lot when a tournament catches his eye, but usually contents himself to watch instead of participating considering his superhuman abilities. What would any martial artist do against a man who can conjure weapons from his mind and kill a man without his victim knowing of his existence? Recently The Ninja started an Alliance with several Superhuman comrades of his. They call themselves the Defenders of the Earth, and while they are scattered across the globe they share the common goal of protecting their home from the evils which daily threaten it.

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