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Post by The Ninja on Sat Feb 16, 2013 12:02 pm

The game world is divided into zones and further divided into locations and RP threads.

A zone is an area containing several locations and RP threads in it. For example, the three major cities.

A location is a subforum inside a zone. For example, the Defenders of the Earth HQ. RP threads can be made inside the location.

An RP thread is a forum topic where players take turns roleplaying. So-called locations in RP threads are a lower level of "canon" than actual locations. For example, you might make an RP thread inside Grimm City where you describe your house, but that house does not officially exist in the game world unless you pay Superhuman Points to make it into a permanent location.

When your character moves between zones, post in the Travel Announcement thread (a global thread shared between every subforum on the site) to announce the zone you are leaving and the zone you are entering. This way everyone knows where your character is.
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