Annilluminate’s Superpowers

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Annilluminate’s Superpowers

Post by Anniluminate on Sat Feb 16, 2013 2:10 am

Power Name: Weaponry (1 slot)
Catagory: Technology
Description: Sadie basically has a gun collection usually with four to six weapons that she carries around with her. It always includes a tranquilizer, sniper rifle, and an automatic shotgun.
Limits: Her weaponry can be used against her if someone steals/forcibly takes her guns from her. Also, the usefulness of each gun is limited – it can’t shoot forever; she has to reload them from time to time, depending on the type.

Power Name: Self-Defense (1 slot)
Catagory: Biological
Description: During her training period with the group in Grimm City, Sadie quickly learned the basics of self-defense and went on to master more complicated, advanced actions.
Limits: Her ability to execute self-defense maneuvers can be affected (like her minor agility) by her physical, mental, and emotional state of health. Being an expert in self-defense merely means that under normal conditions she is able to protect herself from the average serial killer.

Power Name: Photokinesis (3 slots)
Catagory: Supernatural
Description: In essence, photokinesis is the creation and manipulation of light. Having photokinesis as a super power allows Sadie to produce different kinds of light, which vary according to her mood, desire, or physical state. It also enables her to control the path and strength of already existing light; for example, in a room lighted by a single lightbulb, she could take the all the light in the room and concentrate it on one specific area. That could produce a third degree burn if it was focused on flesh for a couple minutes, or it could heat an object, or it could illuminate a selected object, and so on and so forth. In addition to that, she can amass all the light in a limited area and release it suddenly – basically, create a light bomb – which can stun anyone whose eyes are not covered with thick, non-see-through material.
Limits: Well, light obviously can’t hurt anyone by itself. It’s not physical. Sadie can on occasion use it to hurt people; but as a rule it’s merely a defensive or strategic tactic that can be used if you’ve got brains. It can’t cause any direct, serious damage above first degree burns and, if she uses it to stun people, minor headaches and temporary loss of sight. Also, the distance between her and the light she wants to control makes a difference, though slight, on her ability. The farther away the light is, the harder it is for her to control it and the more energy it takes.

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