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Post by Argent on Sat Feb 16, 2013 1:57 am

Super Name: Argent

Alter Ego Name: Lt. Alexander Troy

Alignment: Oppressor

Starting City: New Carthage

Gender: Male

Age: 28

Physical Description: Standing at 6’ with long dark hair trimmed short in the front and a long scar on his right cheek, Argent carries an agile physique for his size augmented by constant training and Military Grade Tech provided by his superiors to help enforce the Law.

Costume: Alex wears Dark blue SWAT gear designed to maintain his body heat in case he is confronted with a Ice-based super and wears a set of Prototype body armor with gauntlets and boots. His body armor is white and anointed with the department logo and is designed to stop fatal shots to the chest on his back is a rigging for a modified Assault Rifle, designed for better accuracy and an expanded capacity, and a pistol holster on his belt in case his Rifle is emptied. Over his eyes is his Dark Visor which is a Computer enhanced targeting system designed to locate weaknesses in supers and aid accuracy, it also comes with a transceiver in case Alex needs to call in for back-up, a feature he rarely uses.

Biography: From a family of Police Officers, Alexander grew up training to become a member of the force when the Mob took control of the City and the department, though the Alzono Syndicate owned the city this didn’t prevent him from joining up bringing much disproval from his father who resigned over the takeover. His dedication to the law no matter who handed it down allowed Alexander to rise through the ranks making Lieutenant after a few short years. When Heroes began arriving in the city to overthrow the Alzonos, the Boss drafted new legislation which forced all supers to register with the city and be relocated to “Safety Housing” or else be deemed criminals, and it gave a special branch the Police called BULLET the right to use lethal force to detain Supers. Alexander brought in several supers to the system and became the most infamous BULLET agent on the streets of New Carthage, gaining the Title Argent.
Alex enjoys his job, cleaning the streets of upstart Heroes and Villains, firmly believing in the Law no matter what it says and the need of the people to be governed by strong leader. Alex is a bit of a workaholic and is on Patrol well beyond his required hours and only stops out of necessity. Though faithful to the system he is incredibly reckless frequently causing massive property damage in pursuit of his prey. These traits combined with his abrasive personality and belief in his moral superiority make him hard to work with. The populace of New Carthage have contempt for their “protector” calling him a dog of the syndicate and the real criminal but often flee when he arrives on the scene not wanting to be trapped in the crossfire.

Prepped to edit if necessary feeling some of my the stuff mentioned in my costume will be left out for when I get more Slots

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