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Akai Kaji's power database

Post by Akai Kaji on Thu Feb 14, 2013 4:12 pm

Power Name: Conjuring fire- bolts (4 Slots)
Category: Supernatural.
Description: A small, slightly explosive ball of fire conjured in the palm of the hand. Not lethal, but painful and inflicts burns. Akai’s flame has the appearance of normal fire.
Limits: Overly wet or humid areas, the moisture making it difficult to maintain a fire, and depending on Akai’s emotional state, it may be more difficult for her to create flame (uncontrollably upset or sorrowful- unable to conjure, boiling rage or angry- more powerful)

Power Name: Parkour/Freerunning (1 slot)
Category: Biological
Description: Parkour techniques depend on fast redistribution of body weight and the use of momentum to perform seemingly difficult or impossible body maneuvers at great speed. Absorption and redistribution of energy is also an important factor, such as body rolls when landing which reduce impact forces on the legs and spine, allowing a traceur to jump from greater heights than those often considered sensible in other forms of acrobatics and gymnastics.
Freerunning was evolved from parkour and includes combinations of gymnastics or acrobatics moves. Acorrding to its creator, "Freerunning is the art of expressing yourself in your environment without limitations: It is the art of movement and action." He says freerunning developed from parkour when he started making it more personal to the individual, adapting it to each person's strengths and weaknesses.
Both parkour and freerunning contain the ideas of overcoming obstacles and acting as an individual; in freerunning ("follow your way"), though, the greater emphasis is on acting as an individual.
(credit to wiki for the description)

Limits: Because Parkour is a human endeavor, it is limited by what the individual's weaknesses and strengths are. It isn't some super power, and normal people can do this within human ability, though are limited by gravity Razz, distance, training, strength, and location (some places are better for this than others).

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