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Post by The Ninja on Wed Feb 13, 2013 6:43 pm

All right, so you've read the Basic Guidelines. Now you want to know how to make your character, right?

Before you begin, check to make sure your username is the same as the name your character will have. If your character is going to be named the Green Streak, your username must be either The Green Streak, Green Streak, Greenstreak, or another variation. If your username is not right, contact a moderator and ask for them to change your username.

Second, decide your alignment.

You can have three character altogether: One hero/antihero, one villain/oppressor, and one sidekick. You may play a rogue INSTEAD of EITHER your good or evil character. For each character you must make a separate account.

Chaotic Good = Antihero (Your character is a good guy, but he doesn't care so much about the law.)

Chaotic Evil = Villain (Your character is not only evil, but he wishes to cause chaos and destruction at the expense of the puny innocents.)

Neutral = Rogue (Your character has sided with nobody but himself. Maybe he wishes to sit back and manipulate the war between good and evil for his own benefit, or maybe he only wishes to protect himself.)

Lawful Evil = Oppressor (Your character sides with the law but has a cruel streak or harsh side for one reason or another.)

Lawful Good = Hero (Your character fights to protect the innocent, even at risk to him or herself.)

Click on the "Profile" link at the bar underneath the banner. Underneath will be another bar of links. On the far right will be a link labeled "Character Profile." Select your alignment and hit save.

Now make a thread in Character Applications and paste the following code into it. Customize it and wait for an approval. You are done with your basic application!

You will need to choose a starting city. You can travel to another city whenever you feel like, can join an Alliance in any city, and can have an Archenemy in any city.

New Carthage: A bustling center of trade on the West Coast. It is haunted by the Alonzo crime family who make sure their feeding grounds are free of any major Superhuman domination. As such neither Heroes nor Villains have a better grip on the city.

Grimm City: A huge city in the rough Southwest with a heavy Villain presence. In recent years many brave Heroes have arisen to fight back and free the innocents who dwell in the city from the Villains who rule the streets. Grimm City contains the headquarters of The Domination.

Silent Falls: A smaller city in the Northeast which is relatively peaceful compared to Grimm City. Legend says Silent Falls was built to protect some priceless treasure, and indeed the Defenders of the Earth have made the city the location of their headquarters. Due to the legend the underground of the city is filled with scheming and powerful Villains who seek to gain the fabled treasure for themselves.


[b]Super Name:[/b] Your character's super name. This should be the same as your login name.

[b]Alter Ego Name:[/b] Your character's alter ego's name. If your character has no identity outside his or her super identity this can be left blank.

[b]Alignment:[/b] Antihero, Villain, Rogue, Oppressor, or Hero.

[b]Starting City:[/b] New Carthage, Grimm City, or Silent Falls.

[b]Gender:[/b] Male, female, or possibly asexual in the certain cases of alien or supernatural heroes.

[b]Age:[/b] Self explanatory.

[b]Physical Description:[/b] Your character's height, physical build, hair color, etc. Anything which seems important in this area.

[b]Costume:[/b] Self-explanatory. Be as detailed as possible. Do not list any special properties of the suit here, this is just for appearance. At least 100 words.

[b]Biography:[/b] Briefly give your character's origin story and some history. At least 250 words.
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