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Post by Anniluminate on Thu Feb 14, 2013 2:45 pm

Super Name: Anniluminate

Alter Ego Name: Sadie Jensen

Alignment: Antihero

Starting City: Grimm City

Gender: Female

Age: Twenty-two

Physical Description: Sadie is a petite five foot one with the curly blonde hair and bright blue eyes of fairytale princesses. Surprisingly athletic fairytale princesses with attitudes – though the first thing you notice about Sadie is her cute, sweet and cuddly type looks, the second thing hits you with a BAM: her mess-with-me-and-die aura. This is slightly influenced by her fighter’s stance, her steely glare, and her all-black wardrobe.

Costume: In defiance of the cliché, Sadie’s outfit is decidedly on the side of simplicity, anonymity, and efficiency. She wears a black leather jacket, matching skintight pants, also-black boots, and open finger gloves of the same color. And to not waste space, from now on, just assume that everything on her person is black. She wears a belt to attach her guns’ holsters to, and it usually holds four to six types of weapons. In accordance with her values, she wears a simple mask that covers the area around her eyes. Her hair is usually either twisted into a bun or in a single braid.

Biography: Born and raised in deepest layers of Grimm City, Sadie was lucky enough (or unlucky enough) to be discovered and taken in by a subversive group seeking to stir up trouble in New Carthage. Their recruiters noticed her as a six year old directing a mini-light show in one of the many street-show areas in the city and though they were only slightly impressed, they deemed her ability interesting enough to look into.

After her performance, they’d sent one of their novices to track her down and threaten her with death, in order to see how she would react. After an hour had passed without the return of said novice, the recruiters had become concerned and sent a couple people to check on him. They found the boy unconscious, bleeding severely from a stab to the side, and Sadie nowhere to be found.

However, that incident, along with her natural superhuman gift, convinced the group to send operatives to track her down and bring her back to their base. There they basically wiped away her memory and began the brainwashing installments that occurred regularly throughout her years of training and into her years as a full-fledged member, continuing until after she’d completed several missions for them. By then, the heads of the organization she was working for had better things to do than ensure the loyalty of an already long-time member (a.k.a. precision-based killing device).

Contrary to their expectations, though, Sadie didn’t remain a cooperative, brainwashed girl. As soon as they stopped the hypnotically enhanced brainwashing sessions, she started formulating thoughts and ideas and a personality all of her own. This was so gradual that no one really noticed it too much; and by the time Sadie decided she didn’t like being someone’s lapdog and broke off from the organization, it was too late to stop her.

Trained from birth as an assassin and spy, Sadie Jensen would not have considered herself the most likely candidate for a hero. However, fate dictated that it should be so. Years of seeing petty injustice and being subjected to it embittered Sadie towards all things unfair, and whenever she’s not involved in a project of her own, she’s stirring up trouble in Grimm City by righting wrongs.

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Post by The Ninja on Thu Feb 14, 2013 4:08 pm

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