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Post by Eibolon on Sat Mar 23, 2013 4:21 pm

Super Name: Eidolon

Alter Ego Name: Cammin

Alignment: Villain

Starting City: Grimm City

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Physical Description: Cammin has the same uncanny blue eyes as Akai Kaji, but the similarities in the family stops there with his short dark brown hair and a disfiguring burn scar covering his face. He’s 6’5”, lean, but built with wiry muscles.

Cammin wears full body armor made out of dark grey metal plates with an underlying layer of semi-iridescent fabric. Alien blue lights illuminate plating on his shoulders and torso. His face is hidden behind a dark helmet, the same alien blue lights set in the eyes of the mask. Dull orange patches cover his knees, elbows, and backs of his gloved hands His layered black gloves are also armor plated. Over all, his appearance is foreboding and dark.

Eidolon's application Eibolon_zpse6fe17d5

Biography: Cammin and his cousin Akai Kaji had grown up in Cold Rock, a small, peaceful town far outside of civilization. Though one terrible day, Cold Rock was burned to the ground. Cammin had been trapped in a burning building, he called out for Akai’s help, but she couldn’t save him and she fled, leaving Cammin to believe she’d betrayed him and helped the villains who had started the fire in the first place. Cammin was burned badly before he suddenly flickered out of reality and entered another dimension, a highly advanced world with a civilization that called themselves the Osiris. After hearing the story of Cold Rock from his point of view, they took him in as one of their own. While in this otherworldly place, he learned some of the technology from the “Osiris “ , and explored the broadness of his powers, creating portals and fading in and out of the real world and his secret layer beyond all reality.
After a year trapped within the other dimension, Cammin escaped with the ability to return at any time. He searched out Akai, seeking answers as to Cold Rock’s destruction, and around which time Akai had discovered her own power of fire.
Immediately he assumed this to be proof Akai had started the fire in their home town, and he tried to bring his justice upon her, slashing out against Akai and giving her the scar upon her face. She turned against him, torn between the fact he was her only family left, and the fact he had struck out against her, and blasted a fire ball at him. Cammin faded out of reality instantly, leaving Akai to assume he was dead. His anger at Akai and want for revenge twisted him into a shadow of his former self.
Only recently has he returned to this world…


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Eidolon's application Empty Re: Eidolon's application

Post by Argent on Sun Mar 24, 2013 3:35 pm

Sorry it took so long I was busy yesterday


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