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Post by Ztech on Thu Mar 21, 2013 9:57 am

Power Name: Intelligence
Category: Biological
Description: Toby is extremely intelligent, particularly where mathematics is concerned. He often senses patterns where others would only find static. This makes him quite adept at hacking and code-breaking. He is also very good with computers, usually managing to find ways to get them to preform even beyond what they may have been designed for. He often uses his computer and hacking skills to help from the outside when Digi runs into trouble on the inside. He is also very good at problem solving and troubleshooting various electronic devices, enabling him to repair electronic and digital devices very quickly when they are damaged.
Limits: Toby's brilliance is both a blessing and a curse. Though it does help him to solve electronic and digital issues, it also often blinds him to more personal ones. Looking at things strictly from a numbers point of view may blind him to other possibilities when factoring in a person's character and personality. Finally, the more hi-tech a device, the more trouble it will give him and anyway, he still has to get his hands, or his S.A.S on it before he can do anything about it.

Power Name: Parkour
Category: Biological
Description: Being involved with D.O.T.E meant a constant potential for threat to the Schaeffer family. Feeling a need for their son to be able to get out of a jam quickly, Toby's parents hired a teacher to train him in parkour when he was twelve. By the time he was thirteen he had enough of a grasp on the basics of parkour that he was able to train on his own once he moved in with Doctor Fernsworth. It comes in very handy working with Digibyte, since he is able to get into places quickly and easily. He'd still keep it up anyway though, as his daily training is one of the few things that keeps his mind off of his missing parents.
Limits: There is nothing supernatural about parkour. Toby can run fast, jump high, climb well, but apart from evasion, the technique does little in the way of combat. Also, his ability in this area would be significantly hampered if he were injured.

Power Name: Swiss Army Screwdriver (S.A.S.)
Category: Technology
Description: Ztech's favorite multipurpose tool, modeled after the sonic screwdriver from Doctor Who. It is steel at its base, but is mixed with blue glass like the kind on Digibyte's costume. It is six inches in length, and roughly one and a half inches in diameter at its thickest points. At its most basic, the S.A.S functions as a high beam led flashlight, 64gb usb drive, gps, wireless hot spot universal game controller, and mp3 player (What? You never get bored?) Its true appeal, however, is in the various programs he can download onto the device, which we will get to later. The S.A.S is powered by light energy. Not just sunlight, but any light. If being used in the dark, the S.A.S reserves a store of energy that is represented by 5 bars.
Limits: The S.A.S is a brilliant tool, but it isn't magic. The flashlight acts only as a flashlight, takes up one full battery slot in the dark, and has no offensive qualities, the gps only works if you already know the coordinates, the hotspot only stretches to 5 feet in each direction, 16 gb of the flashdrive is taken up by music, and the game controller always defaults to second player when gaming with friends (bummer!). Also, he can only download as many programs as his current amount in superpower slots allow, and has to manually reprogram it if he wants to switch out, which requires his laptop and at least one full post.

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