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Cub's skills

Post by Cub on Wed Mar 13, 2013 9:46 am

Power Name: Photographic memory
Category: Biological
Description: Catherine's mind can process information and remember everything almost like a playback on a camera. Faces and images along with sounds and feels. her main use of this skill however is in reading and blue prints. she will pick up a book of any kind and flip through it in moments and recite it word for word. this helps her learn things such as languages and how to create new things. normally used to help her make new weapons.
Limits: she gets head aches do to over load. this causes her to detest crowds because her mind will try to memorize every face she passes. sometimes if she over loads too much she will forget the whole previous day. almost like a total black out.

Power Name: Hacking
Category: Technology
Description: Give this girl a computer and her fingers are a blur taking down information and hacking multiple systems at once. her eyes moving over the screen and taking the what she needs and either sending it to her own hard drive or saving it to her memory. she can read and type in computer codes which makes her job more then a little easier. her favorite job is creating viruses and sending them into the NASA computer banks then hacking their camera systems and watching the chaos that ensues. to her its like her own at home movie.
Limits: her limits are her knowledge which can be improved with trial and error. Her other limit is whatever system she is working with. while one can hack many systems with a simple laptop there are only so many fire walls you can break through with a simple laptop before someone notices what your doing.

Power Name: Anthropomorphism
Category: Bio
Description: She has her base human form which sadly is not all human. she has lion like ears, tail, pawed feet and clawed hands. this also gives her a stronger lower body that allows her to both jump very high and kick hard when needed. Of course this also includes a built in knife set known as her claws. And rather good reflexes and hearing. She can also shift into a tan mountain lion a little smaller then a natural one. she can also become a small house cat. in reality it is just a smaller version of her lion form but besides the obvious tan fur and mountain lion like features none would be the wiser about the small little cat.
Limits: Her ears are likely her biggest weakness. she can't handle loud noises. thunder storms, trains, sirens. all cause her nothing but pain. if it gets too severe her ears will even start to bleed. while her legs are strong her arms are not so much which means in hand to hand combat she will likely do everything she can to block with her hands and kick the day lights out of you with her feet. step on her tail and you will hear her roar in pain. It hurts!

Power Name: Inventing
Category: Technology
Description: In her work she tends to get a hold of a lot of blue prints for various types of weapons and so on. this little feline goes nuts. she will first make a model of whatever she can find. after she has the model down she will get to work making the real deal. this goes mostly between guns and explosives. she will normally at max spend about a week on one project depending both on how busy she is and what it is she has to get. And of course she loves to test out her new toys.
Limits: She has been known to mess things up. she created a bomb once and had to ditch her hotel she was staying at because it set off too soon filling the whole floor with smoke instantly.
Currently carrying: A set of small smoke bombs and two silver pistols.

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