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Post by Romany on Mon Mar 11, 2013 9:35 pm

Super Name: Romany

Alter Ego Name: Natalia Reddings

Alignment: Villain

Sidekick To: Asch

Starting City: Grimm City

Gender: Female

Age: 21

Physical Description: Natalia is 5'6" with a slender and slightly toned body. She has brownish-orange colored long flowing hair with bright blue eyes. Her eyes also have a hint of green. Her skin tone is a type of pale, yet still on the tan side. She wears a size 9 in women's shoes and a C-Cup in bra's. She has no acne or freckles what-so-ever. Her teeth are always pearly white and her clothes are always clean.

When she is wearing normal clothes, she wears:

Outfit 1: She wears a yellow tank-top with a red shoulder-less shirt with a pink rose pattern on it. Her hair is down with a yellow beanie on. She also wears blue jean short-shorts with red socks that have a yellow pattern on them. She wears yellow boots and red & yellow bracelets.

Outfit 2: She wears a short shoulder-less shirt that reveals her stomach with a golden swirl-bracelet on her upper right arm. She also wears red baggy "Egyptian" pants with a matching belt. For shoes she wears red flats. She wears dangling yellow crescent earrings with her hair up in a wrap.

Outfit 3: She wears a short swirling red dress with a white top and red-orange heels. Her hair is down with assorted-colored bracelets.

Romany ~ (Minion/Sidekick) Image10


Romany ~ (Minion/Sidekick) Steampunk_sketches_a_by_david_nakayama_d4hq89q_by_greysonross2-d5wuczx
Romany ~ (Minion/Sidekick) Steampunk_sketches_b_by_david_nakayama_d4hq8cu_by_greysonross2-d5wuddo

Biography: When Natalia was born, her mother was a Caucasian 19 year old, and her father was a Caucasian 20 year old with red hair. They were "Influenced" that they were to young to have a child, so they left Natalia at a mansion not far from their house. She was actually there, at the front door, for about thirty minutes, crying, when a butler answered the door.

"Oh, what's is this? A child?" He said, in his English accent. "I must to tell Master Charles right away!" He scurried to his "Master's" quarters. After about ten minutes, a man with orange hair and blue eyes answered the door.

"Oh, you were right James, but why is he or she here?" Charles wondered. He looked around for a moment before picking up the baby's carrier. He gave a light smile at the baby before taking her in.

After a month or two, they named the baby, found out it's gender, and gave it a home.

It's name is Natalia, it's a girl, and she was happy with her new home.

After a year had passed, a child was born from Natalia's new mother, Malinda. They named her Asch, pronounced Ash, and later, they brought her home, but there was also a twin sister born that day from their mother, they named her Karen. Natalia had two new sisters! She played with her baby sisters, it seemed, forever!

A few years passed and Natalia was 7, while her sisters were 6. One night that year, Natalia was asleep, but her sisters weren't. The butler and nanny weren't around and Karen and Asch were alone. The two managed to set the house on fire, and Natalia's little sister, Karen died in the fire...

As the years passed, the two grew and grew. At age 12, Natalia found out what her father and mother really did, as in occupation. They were sort of dictators, more or less her dad, but yeah. Natalia was a little upset, and her parents began to change into, not heartless, but sort of mean people, but not to their two daughters. And as the next 9 years passed, Natalia began to act like her parents, alongside her sister, Asch, and they soon became Villains. Around that time, both Natalia and her sister, began to become fond of Steampunk-like things. So, Natalia based her Superhero on the gypsies and tinkerers of that time.


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Post by Asch on Wed Mar 13, 2013 12:34 am

Whoot! Will we rule the world Romany!

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