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The Augustian Hotel, Suite 13F Empty The Augustian Hotel, Suite 13F

Post by Cluney on Mon Mar 11, 2013 12:40 am

OOC: Continued from H.A.T. Labs

IC: Cluney stumbled back into his room, by now having changed back into his usual form. Getting here had been tricky as he was bleeding badly enough that the blood had ended up soaking through the shoulder of the lab coat he'd requisitioned. Both the cab driver and the woman in the lobby had tried to insist on his going to the hospital. It had been almost impossible for him to dissuade him. He couldn't go to the hospital, not here. It was just too risky. He would have to take the train.

He stumbled over to his suitcase, removing a bottle of whiskey. He took a couple swigs, just enough to numb the pain a bit. That was really all he ever used it for. A gentleman might drink, but getting drunk led to some really stupid decisions.

He then moved to his closet where he found a cute little blue dress. He sighed a deep, sorrowful sigh as he pulled it out and, cringing, tore the shoulder where he knew his wound would end up. He soaked up some of the blood from the wound with the fabric surrounding the shoulder of the dress. He purposefully refused to look at it again before stashing it in a medium sized handbag. He then took out several bandages, applying a couple large ones to his wound, and stashing the rest in the bag. He then took out a fresh suit and changed into it. A very few more items went into the bag after that. Mostly essentials. He needed to travel light for this trip. Heaven only knew if he would have to leave Silent Falls, very quickly.

He left the room, locking the door carefully behind him. Last thing he needed was for some idiot to barge in and get into all of his things while he was gone.

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