Arriving at DOTE

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Arriving at DOTE Empty Arriving at DOTE

Post by The Monster from Mars on Sun Mar 03, 2013 9:59 pm

Irax was guided here by Titan, past some large mecha guards and inside the impressive headquarters dome. He couldn't stop looking around in awe, impressed by the vast, sleek look of the place, and the modern workings inside. Everything and everyone seemed to run smoothly and efficiently, like gears of a complex machine. Irax felt a bit out of place, like he was simply a tourist here, or a visitor, but he quickly reminded himself that he was here to stay. Probably. Or be shot - whichever. Irax liked the idea of staying better...
So now that he was in a building for heroes, where would someone like him go to find out what to do next? Where to go next? Was this a police where people registered- where should he register? But if the system was not like that, then what would he do? Well... find a place to stay. A place inside this huge place.
Irax turned to the tall human beside him. "~Thanks,~" Irax said in Martian with a hesitant smile. He had no idea how to thank him in human language, or even if humans expressed gratitude. No human had ever had reason to express such to him, so he wouldn't know. "Bye? Now?" He expected that the hero probably had other things to do rather than escort Irax around, as Titan had said he was going to the dome before. Irax simply followed him to the same place.
Well, he would find his way.

(You can stay or leave, whichever is better for you. I just thought I'd let you rp it rather than just saying you had left myself, since Irax came here by following Titan.)

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Arriving at DOTE Empty Re: Arriving at DOTE

Post by Titan on Wed Mar 06, 2013 8:08 pm

OOC: sorry, don't know how this escaped my notice.

BIC: Titan waved to the small alien, "Goodbye Mars! I hope you find your way!" Titan left with Kyle. they walked through the massive gates and past the giant mech guards. Titan looked back once more at the small alien before passing into the shadow of the interior. "May we meet again." Titan saluted him, and turned into the darkness.


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