Black-Out's powers

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Black-Out's powers

Post by Black-Out on Fri Mar 01, 2013 9:59 pm

Power Name: shadow touch. (slots: 2)
Category: supernatural.
Description: if you are touched by black out; you will become drowsy or pass out (more on this in limits).
Limits: for this ability to work on a super-being; the super-being must be touched multiple times depending on; their physical status, and the kind of power they have. for instance. if the super-being is at his most powerful it could take 10 or more touches for him to pass out, or he might not even pass out, he might just be a little drowsy. also, super-beings with strong metal abilities or strong mental stamina might not be affected. a normal person will pass out for 15 minutes or so.

Power Name: shadow flash. (slots: 2)
Category: supernatural.
Description: black out can travel short distances at the speed of light.
Limits: doing this more than a few times will make him dizzy, or make him faint. the maximum distance he can travel is about a mile. but doing this will make him very ill, and make his other powers not work. traveling 50' will make him dizzy, and he can only to it about 5 times before fainting. traveling 10' won't make him dizzy but doing it more than once will.

Power Name: phasing. (slots: 2)
Category: supernatural.
Description: black out can move through objects.
Limits: moving through things makes him tired. and depending on what the object is made of; it could take him longer to pass through it. for instance; passing through soft objects is easy, and not that tiring. passing through harder objects like wood or dirt are a little harder and will make him a little tired. passing through stone or metal are quite a bid harder, and depending on the metal possibly impossible. this will make him quite tired.

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