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Post by Over Lord on Tue Feb 26, 2013 9:01 pm

Super Name: Over Lord

Alter Ego Name: Jonathan Clancy

Alignment: Oppressor

Starting City: Grimm City

Gender: Male

Age: 38

Physical Description: 6'3", stubbly dark grey hair, very thick build. Scars of all kinds cover his body, including a ropy mass around his eyes. In the eye sockets two mechanical eyes stare unblinkingly outwards.

Costume: He wears a standard police bullet-proof vest over which he wears an outfit resembling a police chief uniform. However, the material is navy blue leather which the rumors say is made from the skin of his worst enemies. Over Lord wears no hat, instead exposing the many scars covering his head. His boots and gloves are thick black leather. Pads of the same material guard his shoulders.

Biography: Over Lord has no tragic heartbreaking past like so many other villains. He causes tragedy, and breaks hearts. He was born Jonathan Clancy, disabled child who found it difficult to cope with his life in rural Arkansas. He found it difficult to cope because all the other children were afraid of him. Each of Jonathan's senses were hindred, and because he felt little pain he would enter dangerous situations with a disturbing nonchalance, walking away from a bee's nest unconcerned by the writhing insects swarming over his face or getting up from a bike accident which would leave the other children unconscious from the agony.

In high school, Jonathan encountered his first bully. That bully paid with his life, his friends desperately beating an unheeding Jonathan with sports equipment and sticks until he turned on them, hands and mouth stained red with blood. Jonathan was put away for a long time but was finally released when his psychiatrist believed him sane enough to enter society again.

An even more violent and deadly Jonathan exited the prison and entered the world of organized crime. He was a merciless hit man and a frightening fighter, an incredibly strong man who could feel little pain and brushed off cuts and bullets like they were a child's punches. Finally the boss went one step too far and left Jonathan out of a huge payment, and soon Jonathan was the new boss. He took his new gang of thugs to Grimm City where Jonathan single-handedly wiped out half the police department and took control. The remaining officers chose their lives over their consciences, and from that day on Grimm City has been a place of corruption and terror.

Over Lord is not a criminal, for he is the law. Break the law and you will be broken. The Domination, an organization of evil created by Over Lord as the center of his evil empire, watches over the city, and it is impossible to escape its gaze.

During his career Over Lord had high-tech hearing aids implanted in his head to return his missing sense of hearing and had his eyes removed---it was the only time he ever felt real pain---and replaced with mechanical orbs which function not quite as well as real eyes but allow him to see in the dark and register motion. Their biggest feature, however, is the way they stare out of Over Lord's scarred skull like the eyes of a dead man. You look into them, and know the thing staring at you is far less than human.

Succumb to The Domination.

Over Lord

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Over Lord (Oppressor) Empty Re: Over Lord (Oppressor)

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