Xander (the conqueror)'s power data

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Xander (the conqueror)'s power data

Post by Xander the Conquerer on Tue Feb 26, 2013 7:42 pm

so I forgot to do this earlier

Power type: invisible cloak (2 slot)
Category: supernatural
Description: invisibility charm, etc. Lasts for ten minutes, causes a minor confusion in enemies who seek him, unless they know where he is. Is not invulnerable, it just deflects protons around xander's body.

Power type: enchanted sword slash (2 slot)
Category: supernatural/technological
Description: enchanted sword etc. Cannot pass through anything a normal sword can't, but has poisoning and stun affects. Works best when target is motionless. As a short sword (three and a half feet), it can only be used when target is in range. Works best on joint areas, where poison is most likely to take hold

Power type: Enhanced reflexes (1 slot)
Category: Biological
Description: Enhanced reflexes, dodging and nimble movement due to enhanced muscle precision.
Weaknesses: no extra strength just enhanced precision

Power type: Blast of anti-magic
Category: Supernatural
Description: Blast of red fire-looking stuff, that is thrown at enemies.Affects anyone in physical or supernatural forms. Enough to knock someone off their feet when closer than 10 feet, when closer than five feet it can cause pain enough that the recipient is slightly paralyzed in the area they were hit, lasting thirty seconds. Can also penetrate Magic shielding, such as invisibility, and magic force fields.
Weakness: no effect after 10 feet, it takes 15 seconds to summon, cannot use for another hour

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