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Post by Crystal Spinner on Sun Feb 24, 2013 1:32 pm

Super Name: Crystal Spinner

Alter Ego Name: Carmen Alonzo

Alignment: Villain

Starting City: New Carthage

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Physical Description: Carmen's a bit small for her age, but she's also attractively slim. She has reddish brown skin, and hair that has a Shirley Temple style. it was formerly black, but now it's stark white. Her asian-like eyes also used to be black, but is now bright aqua blue. She also has a birthmark on the palm of her left hand.

Costume: Carmen's costume is a cross of the Snow Queen and a spider princess. She starts with a white skintight suit that includes high heels, at the centers of which each have a sapphire. On top of that, she has a fancy long sleeved powder blue top that tapers to triangle points on either sleeve, with a sapphire imbedded in each. It's decorated in a silver spiderweb design that begins at her chest. Around the collar is 8 robotic spider legs that are designed to look like a high collar. Her guacho pants are the same color as her top, and continue the spiderweb design. Hanging from her robotic spider legs is a long cape of sapphire blue. Since she doesn't need a mask, she instead has a silver circlet that (of course) has a spiderweb design, and in the middle is a sapphire.

Biography: Carmen is part of the Alonzo crime family. Before she went super, she was an ordinary girl, and went ignored by both family and relatives, who were more interested in her adult sister, who was extremely smart, and naturally stunning. Carmen was jealous of her sister, and promised one day to outshine her, and finally get noticed. Then, when she turned 17, one of the Alonzos announced that he had a serum made that will help to banish any supers that would potentially try to taken over New Carthage. However, he first needed a volunteer. Carmen, thinking this as the ultimate way to gain her family's favor, immediately volunteered. After she was injected, her hair turned white, her eyes aqua, and she became the Crystal Spinner. Now she needs to destroy the list of supers that are currently in New Carthage, and keep new ones out.

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Post by Argent on Sun Feb 24, 2013 2:43 pm

Sounds Interesting, See you on the Streets of New Carthage.


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