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Post by The Monster from Mars on Sat Feb 23, 2013 8:34 pm

Power Name: Alien Physique (3 slots)
Category: Biological
Description: A martian is very different from a human in more than just color. The body of a martian has many tentacles, all of which can be manipulated and controlled, although a martian will rarely use his ear tentacles because they are sensitive to sound – terrific hearing, nearly replaces their terrible eyesight, but not quite. Martians are tougher than the average human with greater muscle mass (in order to maneuver themselves decently), hardier skin, and quicker healing. They have slight regenerative abilities because as they breathe in CO2 (which makes up nearly all the air on Mars), they divide the carbon and oxygen and use the carbon to aid healing, which was necessary on Mars because of the little air available and scarce food supply. They use up everything their body takes in, and so have a good filter system to not breathe in poison, which would prove useful on Earth for Irax so he doesn’t die from the heavy amount of air. Martians typically live underneath the ground, and have once been used to submerging in deep waters. Their bodies have been built to be subaqueous as such, and though they no longer breathe underwater, they still can withstand such pressure. This is what makes it so that Irax does not die from the increased gravity and pressure on Earth, and so that he can function almost as well as on Mars.
Limits: The workings of his body have many downfalls due to physiological and environmental differences between humans and martians. Because the air is different on Earth, heavier with different substances available, breathing will make him sick for a long time. The food available on Earth is very different, and although he is discovering substitutes, it will be a long time, if ever, that Irax finds a completely nutritious diet. For that reason, he will suffer from malnourishment gradually. The gravity on Earth is much stronger, and will affect his agility until he gets used to the pressure, which is explained briefly above. Also, it is much warmer on Earth than on Mars, so he must wear suits with coolant in the linings for fear of becoming too warm. He has no fingers or hands or feet, so it is difficult if not impossible to perform jobs requiring finesse of dainty fingers, such as disabling a bomb or playing the piano, for examples. Due to the makeup of martians’ eyes, with the pupil being on the rim and light reflected in the center, Irax has horrible eyesight. And such wonderful hearing makes hearing loud noises a terrible pain. Also, since his body is his body, he will definitely experience pain when damaged in any way!

Power Name: Acrobatic Skills (1 slot)
Category: Biological
Description: It is usual for young Martians to learn how to move to the greatest of their abilities, to become flexible and to learn acrobatics on their own to become agile. Their abilities may be the thing that saves them, lets them jump onto a high ledge or duck and roll out of the way. Irax, of course, was included in acrobatics training, and is a regular acrobat.
Limits: Of course, he is not an official acrobat, merely an improvised one. He taught acrobatics to himself for survival purposes, military purposes, and cultural purposes. He cannot do anything beyond his body’s limit, he is certainly not the best acrobat in the world. He is just a regular acrobat.

Power Name: Gun training (1 slot)
Category: Technology
Description: Irax learned in class how to handle a rifle, various guns, and briefly, machine guns. This was all very usual and for the sake of just in case, as it was very likely that he and his classmates would have to use them someday, if not the very day they learned to use them.
Limits: He is not an experienced gunner, nor is it as easy to handle human guns, however similar. Knowing how to do something and doing something are quite different.[center]

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