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Syren's Abilities

Post by Syren on Sat Feb 23, 2013 11:49 am

Power Name: Wings (1 slot)
Category: Biological
Description: Dhaevos has a large set of wings that stand out from an extra set of muscles just under his shoulders. These enable him to fly, just as a bird would, as well as enabling him to glide from great heights. He can usually carry something with him as well.
Limits: The wings are actual appendages that naturally belong to his body. They can be damaged, just as an arm or leg can be, and it will hurt, just as bad. Though the wings are strong, Dhaevos usually cannot carry anything heavier than a teenager, and that not for very long.

Power Name: Boxing (1 slot)
Category: Biological
Description: Dhaevos must have taken boxing lessons at some point, because he is pretty proficient at it. He is fast with his fists and, despite the extra weight of his wings, light on his feet.
Limits: This is a naturally learned ability. He can't stop a bullet with his fists, or break concrete

Power Name: Knife Fighting (1 slot)
Category: Biological
Description: Dhaevos has a talent for fighting with knives. He can also throw them with pretty deadly accuracy. Two is best if he can get them.
Limits: Throwing a knife is great! Except that you can definitely lose a perfectly good knife that way. Also, this isn't nearly as effective with a pocket knife or switchblade, though switchblade is far better than pocket knife. The kind of knives he needs aren't easy to come by, and he currently has no money.

Power set Name: Angelvoice (Slots determined by connected ability)
Category: Biological
Description: Dhaevos has been fitted with a specially engineered set of vocal cords that enable him to consciously change the pitch and frequency of his voice in order to accomplish superhuman feats. Among these are the following-

Power Name: Banshee Shriek (2 slots)
Category: Biological
Description: It is the sound of ultimate suffering! Dhaevos' heart made that sound when- Well, that's not important. The point is that Angelvoice allows Dhaevos to change the frequency and pitch of his voice to very high stress levels that can cause feelings of intense fear and sometimes panic. It sounds like a thousand broken, anguished souls crying out in a single voice. Although Dhaevos can use it consciously, it sometimes comes out as a knee jerk reaction to intense pain, fear, or grief.
Limits: Banshee Shriek is only effective if it can be heard. Covering your ears will dampen the effect, but it is very loud, so to eliminate it entirely would probably require some form of earplugs, or soundproof headphones. There is also the problem of friendly fire as there really is no way to direct this power toward a specific target. This technique is also very rough on the throat, and no Angelvoice techniques can be used afterward for three posts.

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