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Post by Xander the Conquerer on Thu Feb 21, 2013 7:26 pm

OOC: jump in anyone

Xander was perched on a grimy, dilapidated old rooftop overlooking the downtown district of Grimm, watching the traffic. For the most dangerous city on earth, this place was pretty slow. Since he got here two days ago aside from a few traffic accidents, nothing really happened in this area. Might as well go to that little cafe down the street everyone is talking about. Casting his invisibility charm, he stepped to the edge of the roof and jumped down to the adjacent building. Crossing the roof he shimmied down the drainpipe into the alley. Releasing the charm, he passed by a homeless drunk who was staring at him in awe.

"Great," Alex thought to himself, "Now he's gong to be telling everyone about the 'magic man in black'."

Walking down the street, he watched the people passing him, who were unaware of his power. This saddened Alex a little. These people have no idea what was happening in their city. They just went about their lives, not understanding or caring that there were people who could do amazing things, crazy things, right in their own city.
Arriving at the cafe, Alex went in, ordered plain black coffee, and sat down in a rear corner booth, facing the door.

And now he would wait.

Or not

This place was so lame. For the crime-ridden center of the world this place was really slow.

Standing up, he paid for his coffee and walked out the door. Looking around, he felt no attachment to anything he saw. He probably will never see this place again.

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