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Death's Kiss Power data

Post by Death's Kiss on Thu Feb 14, 2013 12:33 pm

Power Name: minor energy drain (1 slot)
Category: supernatural
Description: If he is within 6 feet of a person, he can drain a trickle of their energy into himself.
Limits: He has to be within range, and its slow and if the connection breaks it stops. Also the person is still conscious through this process so can fight

Power Name: night vision (1 point)
Category: supernatural
Description: he can see in the dark

Power Name: Wings (1 slot)
Catagory: biological
Description: HE can grow vulture wings that allow him flight. these wings fold into his back when not in use.
Limits: he can only go so fast, so he can't be like a peregrine falcon, but he can move about at a vulture's flight speed.

Power Name: Wraith form (3 slots)
Catagory: Supernatural
Description: He can transform himself and his clothes (for obvious reasons) into a nonphysical wraith form.
Limits: This form cannot enter into a sunlit area or an equally bright area.

Power Name: Shadow control (5 slots)
Catagory: Supernatural
Description: The ability to cloak himself in shadows as long as there are shadows present, and he can temporarily blind people by stopping light from reaching them. In addition, he can travel from shadow to shadow as long as he could see the shadow from where he stood. Furthermore he can create shadow weapons with his shadow. these weapons act like regular weapons and cannot be cut. the amount of weapons he can make, and their size depends on his shadow's size and darkness.
Limits: he cannot make artillery weapons, such as guns and bows and arrows. however he can make throwing knives and shurkens. the weapons can be destroyed by a laser or similar light weapon. In addition, if they leave his hand, he can no longer control their direction, so a thrown shadow knife acts like a regular knife in flight.

Power Name: Shadow Defenses (3 slots)
Catagory: Supernatural
Description: The ability to create static defensive items such as walls, shields, armor, etc. These items can absorb 5 average melee hits or 1 hit of a light based attack, such as Seraphim's light beam (she is my other charrie)
Limits: static so cannot move by themselves, and if they leave his body/hand, they either fall to the ground; or if a wall, it cannot be increased in strength.
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