Lady Noctia's Powers

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Lady Noctia's Powers

Post by Lady Noctia on Thu Feb 21, 2013 12:27 am

Power Name: Boots (1 point)
Category: Technological
Description: She invented her favorite boots which operate using magnets. When she jumps, the boots fly to the nearest, strongest metal thingy. She can turn their magnetic powers off when need be using a button on her outfit. (No, I don't know how she does that... I'm not a knowledgeable science person... XD; )
Limits: She can't control which metal thingy the boots cling to, so she has to be really careful how and where she jumps. She's ended up hanging upside down from the ceiling, almost flew out of a window once, and one time had one foot stuck to a moving car while the other foot *turned off* hopped like mad. She's still working out the kinks.

Power Name: Void (2 points)
Category: Supernatural
Description: Originally part of an experiment to block the thought-hearing, the Void is a bit of pretend reality or dream. Lady Noctia can manipulate the Void as much as she likes. (create environments and objects or whatever) She also has the power to bring others into the Void when they're dreaming or in a coma or something. People exit the Void whenever they wake up. Lady Noctia also has to be asleep or in a coma or whatever in order to enter the Void.
Limits: As this was part of an experiment to block thought-hearing, Lady Noctia cannot hear others' thoughts when they're in the Void. She cannot control people's thoughts either. She cannot manipulate reality, or create illusions in the real world, only in the Void. All she can do is freak people out.

Power Name: Feels-perception (2 points)
Description: Since she was a child, Leanna could hear the emotions and intents of others. At first, she couldn't turn it off, but she has discovered how to keep from hearing others' feelings by forcing her mind to not concentrate on others' feels, isolating her own. She can only perceive emotion or intent when she can see a part of the person whose emotions/intents she's being hit by. She only needs a picture, a video, or the real life person to tune into their current intent/emotion.

It takes an incredible amount of will power and effort to block others' minds, so she typically likes to be alone and not deal with it. When in crowds, where she sees lots of people, she's blasted by everyone's inner personas and it is impossible to isolate one person's feels from another's. She can't hear their past emotions or intents, only their current ones. She has to be at least 10 feet close to the person in order to perceive emotions/intents. Leanna has no control over they feel or think either. She has no idea where this ability came from, or even how it is possible.

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