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Post by The Monster from Mars on Tue Feb 19, 2013 1:28 am

Name: Irax
Professional Name: (The Monster from) Mars, normally Mars
Alignment: Hero
Starting City: Silent Falls
Gender: Male
Age: 16 years old
Physical Description: Irax is a red Martian. He appears to have green irises, white pupils, and black retinas in his slanted eyes. His face is reptilian and has two thick tentacles hanging off the back of his head that can be manipulated. These are what serve as his ears, his major sensory organ. Connected to a slim body are two tentacles for arms, and then his body billows out for four tentacles for legs. He is agile and stronger than most humans. Irax is 5 feet tall standing without the plus eight inches leftover tentacle. As is typical of Martians, he has terrible eyesight, but his excellent hearing more than makes up for it. His mouth has no lips (or rather, really dry, thin, shriveled ones that blend into his rough scaly skin. Alright, they’re really nonexistent.), flat teeth, a normal light blue tongue, and the inside of his mouth is dark blue. This is normal for a Martian, as Martians have blue blood. It’s actually yellow, or really, actually clear, if it weren’t for the cobalt in lining of the blood cells. Water on Mars is regularly thought of as yellow because of the silt in the water reserves. Also, water drawn from springs is yellow because of iron and plants growing in underground crevices that thrive on spring water and darkness.
Martians all live underground because their territories are at constant war more than because of the atmosphere. They can easily survive the thin air, getting most of their gaseous energy from the plants they eat. They live in caves not far from the surface, and on the surface is a battleground.
Costume: A skin tight black spandex collar high two piece jumpsuit with white trimmings covers Irax’s body from neck to toe, sans the ends of his arm tentacles. Overtop is a gray collared sleeveless vest with a zipper but it’s usually not zipped. Inside the linings of his suit and vest is coolant agent. He was given this outfit so he wouldn’t overheat or die or something.
Spandex is rubbery and stretchy, yet it has interior linings because it’s double layered. And the vest is made of cotton with nylon outer lining.
Also he has an orange belt with a circular communications device on it. It serves as a tracker, tracking him only to make sure he hasn’t gone rogue.
Biography: Martians live underground because their territories are at war with each other. Space travel is barely possible for them, yet they choose to war with each other rather than explore the large nothingness around them; no reason to leave home and let it be destroyed into nothingness while away. The new horizon could wait.
Irax was a young Martian who was wrongly accused of a murder. He was pronounced guilty and sentenced to death. His friends helped him escape so he went on the run. Eventually, he hid out in this old place, and the only solution was for him to hide in an old spacecraft and be launched or he’d be killed. He knew he’d probably die in space anyway, but his friend is convinced, “There’s life out there somewhere!” so he goes. After a long time with little stale supplies, he crash lands on Earth.
When he first arrived the atmosphere pressure was sickening. He couldn’t understand any of the people he saw, who were so different. The colors everywhere were strange on this different planet. And he was different to them. After people had a good chance to look strangely at him or panic or whatever they felt like, he was feeling sick and disoriented and had a headache. The ship behind him would not be able to stand yet another flight with its burning as it fell through Earth’s atmosphere and crashed on the ground. It was rather hardy for all that. Irax was apprehended by officials because he was an alien who just crash-landed in town, which they weren’t too happy about.
First, it was established that he was intelligent.
They questioned him. Or rather, talked at him until he had a chance to speak back, when it became obvious they couldn’t understand each other. They instead worked on trying to breach basic communication. There was a lot of miscommunication at first, what with Irax feeling sick and illness being mistaken for cheek and actual cheek from frustration actually being said… in the martian language. He was called Mars, which unknowingly to him, he was referred to in newspapers as The Monster from Mars. But then finally it was established that he was ill, and then it was established that he needed medical help that nobody knew how to give to him. Then it was established that he needed water. Irax refused to eat food for a while, scared to try the weird Earth food.
It still wasn’t established whether he was a threat to Earth society. Maybe aliens had violent tendencies.
When he was first interrogated the facility was rather oppressive and frighteningly stark, but afterwards he was taken to a different very white and very clean facility that was noticeably less austere (still austere, not as much though) but just as isolated where they tried to learn as much about him as possible and teach him to speak English. It had to be determined whether he was friend or foe. Irax tried his best to learn English so that somehow his situation would improve. He still doesn’t know very much, and often chooses to speak Martian instead of English.
They told Irax that he could prove his intentions by becoming a hero. The hero guild could watch him closely, and Irax would be tracked by a tracker somewhere on his person. Irax agreed. What choice did he have? He couldn’t leave. He had no safe means. He had to stay. And he’d rather become a trusted citizen than a suspicious alien. So for this hope of becoming a citizen in a strange country, he agreed.
“Hero” means to defeat villains? So it is like war, right? He can do this, even fighting war for someone else. He was trustworthy, no criminal. He just had to prove that.
So they sent Irax to Silent Falls to let the heros deal with him. They even gave him a hero suit, and told the heros that he was aspiring to be a hero, and said little else.

(Personally, I think he's great sidekick material. Eventually. But I'm going to wait on that... if I can. Could a character's alignment/statusthingy be changed afterward?)

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Post by The Ninja on Tue Feb 19, 2013 8:29 pm

If you really want that, then that can be arranged. As it is now, approved.

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