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Post by The Ninja on Wed Feb 13, 2013 1:49 pm

1. It may be a free world but this is our site and we have a right to demand a certain standard of conduct from you. If you don't like it, you can leave. If you choose to stay, you must follow all of the following rules.

2. Your user name must be the same as your character's alias. If your character was named the Green Streak, your username must be either The Green Streak, Green Streak, Greenstreak, or another variation. If you make another character, make another account for when you post with him or her.

3. A post should contain at least one paragraph of text. A paragraph should contain at least three sentences.

4. Avoid double-posting. Use the edit button to add to your previous post instead.

5. Unless you have specific permission from a moderator, you may only make ONE Super Hero, ONE Super Villain, and ONE sidekick for ANOTHER PLAYER. You can't be your own sidekick or Arch Nemesis. Interact with other players!

6. Please refrain from swearing or out-of-character discrimination or harassment of any kind. Be nice, people!

7. Please refrain from God-modding. This refers to never allowing your character to get hurt, not allowing other characters to do anything, giving your character information he could not possibly know, etc. Superhuman is a sandbox RPG but if your actions repeatedly lead to frustration for your RP partners you are probably doing something wrong.

8. Your character can be in several roleplay threads, but only in the same area. If your character has traveled to a different city he can be in a couple threads in that one city but not in any threads in his home city.

9. Try and keep a posting order. If three people are in a thread, decide in which order you will post so it does not become confusing.

10. Do not use any unapproved powers. Even if a power is approved, you still must have enough Superpower Slots to be able to use it.

11. If you use a power in your post, copy the description from your Superpower Database thread into a spoiler at the bottom of your post. This allows the other player to know how he or she should respond.

12. Treat the moderators nicely! They are players just like you, but they are also volunteering their time to keep this site going. Only the Defenders of the Earth can hold the legion of trolls and chaos at bay!
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